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Become a member of the friends of the Salzburger Hochschulwochen

The Friends of the Salzburg Hochschulwochen aim to enable interested young students to participate in the Salzburg Hochschulwochen at a low cost. Help us give young students the chance to question the main theme from their own point of view, to join in discussions and, drawing on an overview drawn various disciplines, to reach valid conclusions of their own.

As a thank you for your help

  • a donation of €170,-- and over entitles you to an honorary ticket enabling you to attend the lectures and lectures with discussion free of charge,
  • a donation of €190,-- or over entitles you to an honorary ticket and a reserved seat for the Academic Celebration,
  • and over entitles you to an honorary ticket, a reserved seat at the Academic Celebration and a copy of the report.


Bank details::


Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co:
Acct. Nr.: 100180555, Sort code: 19530,
IBAN: AT13 1953 0001 0018 0555,

Postbank München:
Acct. Nr.: 2545-804, Sort code: 70010080
IBAN: DE 57 7001 0080 0002 5458 04,

Donations from benefactors from the Federal Republic of Germany may be deducted from tax.

Receipts for donations are sent out as a matter of course.

Thank you for your support!